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Flutter provides a complete system for navigating between screens and handling deep links. Small applications without complex deep linking can use Navigator, while apps with specific deep linking and navigation requirements should also use the Router to correctly handle deep links on Android and iOS, and to stay in sync with the address bar when the app is running on the web.

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Take the difference of client time and server time when page loads for the 1st time. var TIMEDIFF = new Date(). getTime()-parseInt('<%= Time. now. to_i%>')*1000;
Later do following operation to get server time without making request to server from client time. new Date().getTime()-TIMEDIFF.

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In Angular, the "#" symbol is used by default in the URLs for routing. This is known as the "hash-based routing" strategy. To remove the "#" symbol, you can use the "HTML5 pushState" strategy instead.

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CKEditor Implementation Guide

CKEditor is a versatile and powerful tool for enhancing content creation within web applications. Its rich features, customizability, and compatibility make it a popular choice for developers and content creators seeking an advanced and user-friendly text editing experience.

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Custom sound notifications in capacitor

In Capacitor, a cross-platform mobile app development framework, custom sound notifications can be implemented by integrating with the device's native notification system, allowing developers to specify custom sound files for various events, such as push notifications or in-app alerts.

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Custom google translate languages(English, Telugu, Hindi)

Custom Google Translate languages allow users to create and use translation models specifically tailored for language pairs like English to Telugu or English to Hindi, improving translation accuracy and quality for these specific languages.

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Time stamping while uploading images

The process of uploading and managing files, especially images and PDFs, is a critical aspect of many web applications.
One common challenge developers face is handling file overwrites when users upload files with the same name. To address this issue, some developers choose to append timestamps to the file names, ensuring that each file uploaded has a unique identifier.

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Generate Splash Screens and Icons

Create resource folder in your project root directory.
Place icon (1024px x1024px) and splash(2732px x 2732px) screen images(jpg or png) in resource folder.

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Side Widget
You can put anything you want inside of these side widgets. They are easy to use, and feature the new Bootstrap 4 card containers!

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