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Trigger implementation guide

Posted on August 24, 2023 by Upendra

This trigger updates the expiry date based on the Approved date plus No.Of_days

Trigger Functionality:

When an update occurs in the table, the trigger is activated. It calculates the new Exdate based on the Approved Date plus the period specified in the No.of_days column. The trigger updates the Exdate column in the table accordingly.


                CREATE TRIGGER Trigger_Name
                ON Table
                AFTER UPDATE
                -- Calculate the new expiry date based on the ApprovedDate + No.of_days
                UPDATE M
                SET ExDate = DATEADD(DAY, CAST(No.of_days] AS INT), i.ApprovedDate)
                FROM Table M
                INNER JOIN inserted i ON M.[ID] = i.[ID]
                INNER JOIN Table1 T ON M.[TID] = T.[TbNumber]
                WHERE M.[TbNumber] = i.[TbNumber] AND i.[TID] = M.[TID];

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