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Use descriptive and relevant page titles:
-The title of each page should accurately reflect the content of the page and include relevant keywords.
-The title should also be unique for each page.

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Automatic WhatsApp Notification APIs

- Automatic WhatsApp notification APIs enable you to programmatically send messages and notifications through WhatsApp.
- These APIs provide developers with the ability to integrate WhatsApp messaging into their applications, websites, or systems.

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Creating a resolver in angular for video data

- You can create a resolver for video data by implementing a resolver class that pre-fetches and resolves video-related data.
- This ensures that the data is available when the component associated with the route is loaded, improving user experience.

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How to place App in play store

- Placing an app on the Google Play Store involves several steps.
- Here's a general overview of the process:

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Phonepe Integration

- This method handles a PhonePe payment request:
- It constructs the API URL, sets up the request payload, and calculates the X-VERIFY header using the CalculateSha256Hash12 method.
- It sends the request to the PhonePe API and processes the response.

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Image parameter in API

- Image parameter request to pass an "image parameter" in an API, but the specific API or context is not provided.
- However, I can give you some general theoretical points about passing image parameters in APIs.

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You can put anything you want inside of these side widgets. They are easy to use, and feature the new Bootstrap 4 card containers!

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